- Only available for IPv4

- Maximum of 255

- Minimum of 6 (highly recommended to be higher than 100!)

The TTL setting is an IPv4 only packet setting.  This setting is used in all IPv4 traffic and is commonly used for fingerprinting.  This is commonly set by the operating system and is used by all networks in the path of sending packets.  The TTL set is the starting amount and for every router/switch/system that interacts with the packet will reduce this counter by one before sending it on.  When the TTL reaches 0 the packet will be dropped.  This is to prevent packets being in an infinite loop or absurdly long connection.

By setting this low (<20) you risk having 100% packet loss to the website.  By setting this to the maximum you risk being fingerprinted easily.  Recommended settings would be to change to slightly lower than OS/Browser settings to emulate users with longer connection paths or slightly higher (by ~5 max) to emulate small connection paths.